Black Ops 3: Flawless 250-0 Hardpoint! (TRY NOT TO LAUGH)

Black Ops 3: Flawless 250-0 Hardpoint! (TRY NOT TO LAUGH)

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  1. How do you concentrate on the game 😂

  2. Your head is so far up legions ass, you're just kissing up to him so they don't leave you and then you're back playing with no friends. Just the truth

  3. sorry but these dudes are annoying as hell. got 30 seconds into the video and can't watch anymore.

  4. who else is banned for making emblems while you did nothing wrong

  5. FiggyAndSpirit TheWHUfan

    0:55 no kids will get that haha

  6. Play with Legion again plz



  9. Please more party up.

  10. layton bottomley

    Go for a nuked out Shawn I have 3

  11. The Shadowy Gamer

    Any tips on getting double kills while using glitch?!?!?!

  12. That guy sounds like merk

  13. These videos are amazing Eliteshot keep them coming.
    Also I just uploaded a Black Ops 3 montage and some feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  14. it was pretty sick gameplay and hilarious :)

  15. Loved it Shawn, keep it up

  16. MMOORREE!!!!!

  17. The hax bud, The hax.
    What hax?
    You don't know? You haven't heard the word?
    Friendship Hax, man. Always wins. ;)

  18. yo eliteshot! i loved the vid supporting from belgium

  19. More like this

  20. Yo_ItsFinatic leroy

    Shawn play bo2

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