Top 5 Stolen Bait Bike Pranks Compilation 2016!

Top 5 Stolen Bait Bike Pranks Compilation 2016!

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  1. dragonxi legit

    In a 11 and my bike got stolen yesterday

  2. Michael Klocek

    one of them was a old lady so thats not funny

  3. Twinz TV needs to go to HELL

  4. Next time you do this us a strong bungee cord as the rope

  5. Canadian Savage

    Yo great fight bro

  6. Shastarocks OI

    youvshouldbmake the front tire really loose so if they do a wheely or even go off anything the front tire pops off

  7. You guys ALWAYS have to use bikes with high handlebar so that it just destroys their "dignity"

  8. James Connell

    It's a real bone breaker!

  9. Bender Bending Rodriguez

    I wonder if you would be liable if someone broke their neck for instance.

  10. fucking niggas

  11. 9:40 just borrowing it xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  12. Mitchell Chapman

    Run nigger run!

  13. Black people XD

  14. me want one

  15. do not by a thief and you will be ok

  16. RuggsvilleCounty

    I dig this video…but I'm surprised they don't know the difference between "tell" and "till".

  17. blowing seat, make sure his nuts are blown

  18. guy riding into tree, i was cheering

  19. shocking bike, use the highest voltage without killing

  20. the fight back part, have a taser ready

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