Mr Bean funny video: English humor in Norway

Mr Bean funny video: English humor in Norway

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  1. Just estimating

  2. Rutherford Jessie

    I lost a sexy girl.

  3. Сергей Могунов

    MARVELLOUS!!! ))0)))))

  4. se hvor billig det er i Rema100. :D

  5. Ronald Murray Woods

  6. Waqas Zia Chaudhry

    The toothpaste being squeezed on the "outer track" has more paste in it…

  7. NORGE!

  8. Tuks klo mike liut ho ilnjsnjkns- thank mr bean I miss the hopping mad haha

  9. Carolina Huignard

  10. i love  mr bean ^^

  11. yeah but now you earn more money too so nothing really changed

  12. jeah now its like 20 or 15

  13. However, the toothpaste tube that took the outer turn was the one in his right hand, which, unless he switched them at one point, was the one from Rema 1000. So if anything, the cheaper toothpaste tube from Rema has more toothpaste. So Rema still wins I guess.

  14. Julian Viktor Edstrøm

    Those were the days. When a Kneipp only cost 4.90 kroner.

  15. I'm norwegian! 😀

  16. ofcourse the text on signs etc was in norwegian, because it was in norway. but why was the text at the end in english? I mean isn't this for Norwegian audiences? Rema 1000 is only in Norway, right?

  17. Ragnavaldr Ingullfvarson

    Ti gopnik! Syebis

  18. hahahhahahahahahah

  19. LoL of couse its going to be the same its just the prices on it CRAZY and STUPID you should LOL

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