Funniest Extreme Prank 2015

Funniest Extreme Prank 2015

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  1. I once read a comment about doing shit like this and people will run away. I just never thought it'd actually work with some people.

  2. Rustem Abdullayev

    pavel anavi sikerem agilli ol

  3. That's not good man.. what if the guy really shoot you two in the head.. now that's Wierd dudes

  4. Fucking pussys pulling a gun there was 4 more of you

  5. This video proves how scary are gays to normal men.

  6. the firstbone

  7. almost got your ass shot

  8. wtf hahaha murrrrrrrrrrrrrrica :)

  9. Those damn stupid niggers

  10. Anton Zhuravle (Zhuravlev)

    why he's go ?

  11. hentai kamen!

  12. aow my belly

  13. hahs

  14. guys its danger, one day you all will get gun shoot on ur forhead

  15. Omg that guy whipped out his piece

  16. X_X

  17. the last dude pulled out a gun

  18. at the last u were amost goin 2 get shot?

  19. so EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The guy with the gun at the end was probably a gang banger

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