Charlie bit my finger – again !

Charlie bit my finger – again !

- in Funny Video



  1. Rainbow Skittles

    Almost 1,000,000,000 views
    Kudos to you!

  2. THUMBS UP IF YOU…breathe

  3. BLOOD VERSION on my channel …

  4. I've been addicted to YouTube for 10 years now.

  5. who is watching in 2017?

  6. reply

  7. Smoky Sunsets

    I literally wonder HOW this has so much views. And how much fame these kids have. Now these kids are grown up

  8. DatRandomTurtle

    This has over 800 million views I better get likes 😉

  9. H2O delirious

    Mission complete:bit my bro

  10. Thela Gonzales

    I don't blame the baby for giggling. So cute and funny.

  11. Mitchell Richardson

    That baby is probably 10-11 ish now… holy crap

  12. lol Charlie doesn't give a crap

  13. Brenda Pairola


  14. Zxygamer The gaming bro

    Charlie use bite

  15. just a rubber band play a song or music


  16. عزوو الزهراني

    الظاهر ان العالم كله شاف ذا المقطع

  17. عزوو الزهراني

    ياكلاب اش رقم المشاهدات ذا

  18. Arjan Mallekote


  19. Arielly Luiza

    Que fofos

  20. How is this the shit. Like finger me so hard till I bleed but how is this the shit

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