Best of Just For Laughs Gags – Most Crazy Complex Pranks

Best of Just For Laughs Gags – Most Crazy Complex Pranks

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  1. at 00:30 the guy wanted the girl so when the girl dropped the head he smiled and was ready for dat pu$$y >:)

  2. Youtuber voice 'Ohh poor painted elephant' Youtuber then bites into cow filled whopper

  3. was the elephant real??

  4. t

  5. lulz

  6. The elephant one is cruel. Please do not use real animals!! :((((((

  7. how the fuck how to get an elythant

  8. Sravan Rajpurohit


  9. And why on Earth would they paint the elephant… this is beyond me

  10. Cai dau nu co noi tieng viet kià noi la di ra di ra

  11. canadians are awsome,…. an american would have just took the wallet and ran away

  12. thanks for cheering my day

  13. If that elevator one happened to me I would punch that guy in the face as soon as I saw

  14. cool

  15. The mannequin's head one was the best ^_^

  16. Becky Odalis Castillo Rodriguez


  17. Becky Odalis Castillo Rodriguez


  18. id feel like i was watching a live action episode of scooby doo with the purse snatching one

  19. lol was that elephant real?

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