33 mins of Epic Fail Compilation

33 mins of Epic Fail Compilation

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  1. 28:53 you got some serious camber, Oh wait thats shitty axle alignment, Oh wait thats his wheel falling off.

  2. Daniel Wojtowicz

    2:44– Kipu ranch, kauai, ATV tours, the spot where they filmed the running and jumping into the river scene in indiana jones: Raiders of the lost ark

  3. 3:40 oh man, what if it was the pilot who fell of the hot air balloon, and a couple of tourists were left to fly themselves!!

  4. 9:33 nfs carbon

  5. ///Call me Amana///

    Did he just over run a cow…?

  6. It's so dumb how u think these r epic

  7. plz check out my epic fail vid in my channel (plz no hate) <3

  8. jeff dinkleburg

    When your uncoordinated as some of these kids, you just gotta know when to let it got…

  9. agree

  10. That was so freken funny with the truk falling on off the mountain

  11. dude 19:40 is not funny thats messed up someone probably died

  12. I just love watching skaters without protection ;)

  13. 0:51 lol so loud

  14. i watch these videos because some people have crazy laughs

  15. 2:55 Tokyo Drift motherfucker

  16. 6:45 What the fuuuuck? I'm laughing harder than ever in my life!!!

  17. Rebel tire 🙌😏

  18. I dont think this is very amusing for some people well you people should really be ashamed of your slef these people are getting hurt and this amuses you your disgusting how would you like it if you fell off a high structure smashed your skull into the ground and be sitting not being helped but only on a clip!
    What a fcking world what a FCKING WORLD seriously guys grow up!
    but I guess it is also the people who are doing it kinda do silly things but that is what life is about
    WE all make mistakes and then we learn from them.

  19. Running Pony Studios [RPS]

    Remember kids, it's all fun and games until someone loses a butt cheek.

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